Ties as timeless masterpieces.

The Quartieri collection doesn’t start with the idea of just creating a tie.

We choose fabrics from the best Italian districts: Como for silk and Biella for wool.

We study the finishings to create ties that are soft to the touch, comfortable and that can enhance the patterns the most, with great attention to details.
Double interlinings in wool and cotton are crafted to give ties a body and soul, with a perfectly imperfect knot.
Milan is the inspiration for our designs, its atmosphere and its unique style, admired and cherished all over the world.
All ties are handcrafted, some of them in a limited edition.

Prices from 90 €


The inception of our 2020 collection was strongly influenced by the unprecedented events which affected all of us, and which represent a historical and social discrimen marking our memories forever.


The first collection is the most difficult because it represents Quartieri’s soul.

We could have made a simple choice, follow the beaten path, picking a little bit of everything and filling up our collection like a buffet you can indiscriminately draw from.


Bespoke service is available on request for every pattern.

Every detail is handmade on customer's request and on his personal style to create a fully tailor made tie.

Available options:

  • Longer or wider;
  • Untipped and handrolled edges;
  • 7 folds;
  • with embroideries (logo, initials) only on selected styles.

The bespoke service is available also for Companies or Organizations looking for fully personalized ties with logo or patterns exclusive made on request by our professional designers.

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