The inception of our 2020 collection was strongly influenced by the unprecedented events which affected all of us, and which represent a historical and social discrimen marking our memories forever.

The foundation as always is QUARTIERI’s core idea, a whispered ode to Elegance which cuts through trends and seasons to become timeless; however in this case, the world’s context was just too important not to be considered during the creation of this small collection.

The lifestyle we were used to is now so distant that we spent some time observing our new reality in a different manner.

Simplicity: this is the keyword we chose.

Simplicity as in “One is ten thousand to me, if he be the best” and also as a newfound love for Pascoli’s “small things”.

Our new collection includes a limited number of new models, extremely refined in their colors, patterns and prints: no more bulimic overproduction, just to fill displays and wardrobes.

Few items, carefully thought and strongly evocative for a smart buyer.

Versatile ties, colorful yet never gaudy, more mature: an ode to the conscious joie de vivre.

The photography of this new collection reflects these concepts clearly and emotionally.

The idea of living beyond space and time is still there, like true Elegance, but a hint to the present is necessary, so we don’t forget and we rebuild: hence the colors.

We decided to further simplify the environment, highlighting the tie only, without artifacts if not for the skillful use of some color cardboards, a memory of our childhood.

The environment is still metaphysic but not as rarefied thanks to the use of colors. These however are never gaudy: it’s happiness, yes, but not inebriation.

The colors are mature, reassuring, even in the most daring pairings, focused on extolling the different souls of each individual tie, whether they are quiet or more exuberant.

  • Fabric


Bespoke service is available on request for every pattern.

Every detail is handmade on customer's request and on his personal style to create a fully tailor made tie.

Available options:

  • Longer or wider;
  • Untipped and handrolled edges;
  • 7 folds;
  • with embroideries (logo, initials) only on selected styles.

The bespoke service is available also for Companies or Organizations looking for fully personalized ties with logo or patterns exclusive made on request by our professional designers.

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