The first collection is the most difficult because it represents Quartieri’s soul.

We could have made a simple choice, follow the beaten path, picking a little bit of everything and filling up our collection like a buffet you can indiscriminately draw from.

We could have cut time, cost and probably appeal to a larger audience.

We could have follow the trends or give into fashion seasons.

We could have been simpler, bordering on banality.

We could have been like everybody else, give up on being ourselves.


We took a different path, empowered by the ideas that distinguish not only our products, but also our identity.

We wanted our image to be authentic, connected to values and traditions that must not be forgotten. Our roots and our identity: that’s where we started to communicate the pleasure for that simple silk accessory, for that old-time gesture, handed down from one generation to the next, from parents to children, aware that there was a deeper meaning behind all of this.

In order to achieve all of that we had to give value back to the tie and to its use, give it the importance it deserves and in doing so go against what society is trying to do.

Behind every single tie there are years of research, hours of work by artisans whose mastery we stand to lose, and with it a part of our culture: each of our ties is a small work of art and must be treated as such.

This is how the idea of Quartieri and its ties as works of art was born, outside of space and time, representing the image of a whispered and polite Elegance, made first and foremost to please who wears them rather than for the eyes watching them.

The finest, lightest silks, carefully selected among Como’s best [realta’].

Sober and refined colors; classic patterns made relevant for a collection that represents an ode to contemporary versatility, immersed in Milanese taste.

From these reflections, through our photographer’s alert and perceptive eyes, stems that rarefied, unique atmosphere that defines each shot of our collection: in a metaphysic space, from which fashion and trends are precluded, our ties come to life sharing the stage with simple yet powerfully evocative objects.

The ties are captured in their purest essence, leaving creative room for the minds of people who will tie them for themselves or for the next generation.

  • Fabric


Bespoke service is available on request for every pattern.

Every detail is handmade on customer's request and on his personal style to create a fully tailor made tie.

Available options:

  • Longer or wider;
  • Untipped and handrolled edges;
  • 7 folds;
  • with embroideries (logo, initials) only on selected styles.

The bespoke service is available also for Companies or Organizations looking for fully personalized ties with logo or patterns exclusive made on request by our professional designers.

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