Scighera mossa

Handmade three fold self-tipped wool tie .

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The idea behind

Wool ties celebrate Fall season in Milan  and its main character, the Fog. Called Scighera in Milanese dialect, it wraps gently and softly the city creating a magical atmosphere.

The fabrics

The Shell

Blue Wool 150 S from best Italian mills

The Interlinings

Double interlining: pure virgin wool of middle weight and brushed cotton.

Handmade tipped wool tie.
Interlinings are perfectly balanced to create a light and soft tie


Classic herringbone deep blue tie.
Wool ties are perfect with carded wool jackets or suits (light grey chalked suit).
Pair it with a Tweed jacket in a cold Winter day or with a vest and a pair of denim for a more casual outfit.

Precious details

Enhance your tie with the precious handmade embroidery of the symbol of Quartieri, the delicate flower of the Saffron.

For this model it is possible to request the golden embroidery of the Saffron flower.
The embroidery is usually set under the knot, at 20 cm from the bottom of the tie.
For those who want it is possible also to have the initials embroidered.

Embroidery is fully handmade in Italy.

€ 20.00 Embroidery logo or initials

Details that make the difference

The tie

Length: 150 cm (59 inches)
Width: 8 cm (3,14 inches)
Folds: 3 - self tipped


Dark blue


The bar-tack is handmade and covered with the iconic saffron tissue. It is sewed 20 cm from the end of the blade increasing the quantity of silk used for tipping: this choice is important to keep the shape of the blade always perfect.
Each tie is sold in its iconic box.

Each tie has to go through five different quality check points before being delivered to the owner: form the silk to the final packaging everything is checked and handmade in Italy.
This tie is perfect for those who want a special embroidery.

Handmade three fold self-tipped wool tie .

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The patterns