Fiori in autunno

Handmade twill silk tie.

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The idea behind


The floral pattern is classic in the Italian panorama.

Here it is depicted in a smooth and elegant way, sober and truly “Milanese”. At a first sight the tie seems to be a solid brown tie but the keen and curious observer will see the beautiful flowers in it, like playing Peek-A-Boo in an Autumn grass field.

The fabric

The shell

Silk twill from the best silk factories in Como.

The polished finishing is selected to create a soft sensation keeping all the main features of the silk.

The interlinings

Double lining: mid weight pure virgin wool and brushed cotton. This particular solution helps to create a compact tie perfect for every knot avoiding wrinkles.

Handmade self-tipped with the blue twill silk tipping.
The shell and the interlinings are meticulously selected for a well balance tie. The natural materials help the tie to go back to its original shape avoiding wrinkles.


Like its sister, but this version is a little bit more cheerful.
I suggest with a sand or Solaro suit or Tweed for an Countryside weekend.

Details that make the difference

The tie

Length: 150 cm (59 inches)
Width: 8 cm (3,14 inches)
Folds: 3 - self tipped


Dark brown

Cornflower blue

Rosso antico


The bar-tack is handmade and covered with the iconic saffron tissue. It is sewed 20 cm from the end of the blade increasing the quantity of silk used for tipping: this choice is important to keep the shape of the blade always perfect.
The classic shape is updated with a 8 cm blade width.
Each tie is sold in its iconic box.

Each tie has to go through five different quality check points before being delivered to the owner: form the silk to the final packaging everything is checked and handmade in Italy.

Handmade twill silk tie.

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The patterns